"I'm so grateful for your help in opening me up to the parts of myself I couldn't see and the shadows and patterns I only knew of vaguely and uncomfortably. Now that I see these I can do something about them and choose a lively, engaged life with my wife that was impossible before."

Alan Gilburg, executive in Mankind Project, Washington, DC

"Naomi is tough, direct and profoundly intuitive. Her courage and heart can take people to a deeply seated edge. Doug's calm overview and ability to capture nuance anchors and stabilizes the group experience."

Stephen Foster, film producer, Vancouver, BC

"It's actually working! We are doing emotional work together ... and spending more time together focusing on our relationship. It's been almost two months since our time with you and --compared to the past --this is really a new life for the two of us. Thanks to you we have a new life and a new chance at our marriage, which we both would say is thriving and growing now."

Phil Molloy, M.D., Cape Cod, MA

"Being exposed to Doug and Naomi's process for waking up ones emotional body has not only energized my intimate relationships, it has provided me with tools for enhancing relationships in my practice."

Ken Little, lawyer, Calgary, AB

"This is the most powerful work I have ever done..........and there has been a lot! The immersion and the method helped pop me into a place I have been trying to get to for a long time. It all seems so easy now. What happened?"

Didi Petersen, NYC

"To be able to use my emotions in a healing way within my marriage and simultaneously release myself for new personal endeavors is a gift I received from Doug and Naomi Moseley."

Rick Petersen, retired executive, NYC

"The Moseley Method has given me the tools to further enhance and enliven my life - both personally and professionally. They are teachers of personal mastery. As teachers and soul guides they have assisted me on my journey of self-discovery, uncovering blocks and revealing feelings, that have enabled me to bring my full, true-self into the world."

Francine Zucker, business communications consultant, Vancouver, BC

"I want to tell you again what a profound effect your work is having on me. When I came to you I was walled-in, flat, detached. Now, I feel vibrant, excited, hungry for life ... my heart is open and is beginning to also be contained ... I am so happy to feel this taking shape."

Faith Welsh, artist, Portland, OR

"Your seminars not only provide personal growth and food for the soul but, as a business person, I can say that the Moseley Method is one of the most profound breakthroughs I have experienced in the 17 years I have been an owner of a successful retail operation."

Wally Kerwin, Nursery Owner, Seattle, WA

"The Moseleys have profoundly changed my life by opening my eyes to some major imbalances and by providing tools I needed to gain more wholeness and balance."

Bill Paternotte, investment banker, Maryland.

"Doug and Naomi's work has allowed me to search the darkest recesses of my psyche to examine the roots of life long patterns, and to emerge with greater capacity to understand myself and open my compassionate heart to others."

Georgia Proctor, teacher and businesswoman, Vancouver, BC

"I am in awe over the sheer power and beauty of your approach -- and the changes it facilitates in each of us."

Judy Colle, environmental consultant, Washington, DC

"In working with Naomi and Doug I am facing and integrating parts of myself I have denied for years. Dealing with this truth about myself and who I am is helping me become the more caring and loving man I wish to be..... This is not easy work and requires serious desire and commitment to change."

Michael Wood, real estate executive, Denver, CO

"Doug & Naomi have literally pulled me back from the brink of death with their love."

Manny (Manwoman), artist, Cranbrook, BC

"If you are looking for a program that offers the depth, maturity, and continuity to really change old patterns and make breakthroughs in your life, the immersion is it. I highly recommend it."

Jeri Holt, MA, therapist, Salt Lake City, UT

"Our time spent with you was a real turning point in our relationship. Sort of like throwing open the windows and letting the air and sun in. After 25 turbulent years of marriage I never thought that this point in time I could love my husband as much as I do. And I NEVER thought I would ever feel this loved. Amazing."

Cathy Eschuk, Calgary, AB

"Nine months ago, when I met you, my life was filled with addictions, abuse, pain and confusion. Even though I was dying I was so afraid to change my old life. Thanks to your support and guidance, today I have a second chance at life. Looking back, the death of the pains from the old life has brought a rebirth joy for the new life."

John Ayoub, Ph.D., Taos, NM

"I am very thankful that you were able to come to Washington, DC and conduct your incredible work. I feel like I learned so much --the anger work, the honesty work, and much more that I cannot put into words. Thanks for helping me to wake up."

Barbara Bridges, Arlington, VA

"D & N provided us with simple tools which enabled us to be more conscious of our feelings and needs, allowing us to move through conflict in a positive way. As a couple we learned to see conflict as a positive, relationship enhancing force."

Randy Balcom, dentist, Vancouver, BC

Suzanne Balcom, actress, Vancouver, BC

"To feel heard, to feel seen, to feel fully accepted for the person I am -these are but a few of the gifts I have received in my work with the Moseleys. My own growing ability to accept and celebrate all the parts of myself, including the shadow sides, has been the greatest gift of all."

Mary Ann Quirk, educator, Larkspur, CA

"D & N have taught me to say "yes" to life and accept the multifaceted parts of myself. The depth of their work has resulted in major life changes, both professionally and personally, that are extremely gratifying and challenging. I feel very fortunate to have the opportunity to work with such truly gifted teachers."

Dana Reynolds, teacher, Graham, WA

"Doug & Naomi's work is full of fire. I'm still benefiting five years later."

Justin Harris, Film Producer, Seattle, WA

"Their intense work gave us opportunities to push through unconscious blocks and create real intimacy within our marriage and with others. ... This work is essential to any meaningful spiritual practice."

Leah Wilkins, Counselor/Teacher, Washington, DC

Charles Wilkins, Senior Vice President, NHP, Washington, DC

"The Moseley work is brilliant. Never have I seen couples shift their relationships so rapidly. I am very pleased with the positive changes in my life and relationship."

Jane Drew, Ph.D., Author and Clinical Psychologist, Newport Beach, CA

"The invaluable lessons Doug & Naomi teach is that of the expressing of one's feelings verses concepts of what feelings are or might be. From knowing one's feelings, we then have a springboard for learning who we are and what we want out of life on a moment by moment basis. I know of no one else who teaches us about our feelings in this dynamic way."

Toni Marie Clifton, psychotherapist and Enneagram teacher, San Rafael, CA

"With Doug and Naomi's guidance, I am on the most spirited journey of my life. My time with them has allowed me to regain my passion and creative power as a woman and an artist. I am truly grateful for their presence in my life."

Liz Mapelli, artist, Portland, OR

"Doug & Naomi use extraordinary insight and perception as they guide their students with gentleness and ruthless compassion into uncharted territories of their being. I feel very grateful as I wake up to those places in myself that I've kept in the dark. The journey is challenging, rich, and rewarding."

Jennifer Lenel, healer and artist, Seattle, WA

"This work has helped me to relate to others in a more personal and genuine way. My heartfelt thanks."

Gail Green, Employment agency, New York, NY

"As a lost 30 something, I stumbled upon a very unique couple who have, without a doubt, changed my life. D & N helped me see clearly the places I was stuck and have given me the tools I needed to approach myself more honestly and vulnerably. I am in a great relationship and my life is so much fuller in so many ways.... Anyone who wants to take the Moseley Method should consider it the most precious gift you could give yourself."

Halle Becker, President, Comet Productions, Inc. NYC

"From the very first meeting with Doug and Naomi, we started seeing ourselves and our situation with new eyes. Now, a year later, we are practicing and enjoying the kind of communication we longed for."

Martha Spice, business facilitator, Washington, DC

"The Moseleys are helping me to reclaim my life. Their work has a fierceness, insight, and love that comes from their own growth experience. I highly recommend their work to anyone who is desiring a shift in their lives."

Lee Carrillo, caterer, Seattle, WA