Making Your Second Marriage A First Class Success

Making Your Second Marriage a First Class Success

ISBN: 978-0-7615-1424-4

After Naomi and I published our first book, Dancing In The Dark (replaced in year 2000 by The Shadow Side of Intimate Relationships, What's Going on Behind the Scenes), we realized there was a strong demand for what might be called "depth relationship books"-with content designed for serious seekers who want to explore relationship dynamics at deeper levels. We wanted to write about the foundation of a marriage: conscious commitment (and what really holds partners from bringing both feet fully in). Just about all marriages suffer at some point from lack of feelings-awareness, and we decided to devote a significant portion of the book on how to develop feelings skills (including a chapter that speaks directly to men who are still having difficulty understanding what women want in that area). We knew that couples who want to live in a real relationship need to learn more about how to deal effectively and realistically with anger and resentments. We wanted to emphasize the importance of talk and touch and maintaining a self in a marriage.

In our counseling practice, we were regularly working with topics specific to second (multiple) marriages, challenging and difficult topics that we believed needed more elucidation, including ex-spouses, stepparenting, money conflicts that arise in blended families, and the emotional aspects of prenuptial agreements.

The most frequent feedback we get about the material in this book is that it applies to all marriages and thus the title is somewhat misleading. Our response is that we did lobby long and hard with the publisher for a different title (and a different jacket and a different promotion strategy!), but these things are usually out of an author's control. Just be advised that, in addition to great material for partners who have experienced multiple marriages, there is plenty of content pertinent to all intimate partners, and even to single individuals who have a strong desire to learn more about intimacy.

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Making Your Second Marriage a First Class Success has received strong reviews and was rated A+ by Marriage Magazine. Here is a small sampling of comments from experts in the field:

"An intelligent guide to working through the challenges of a second marriage and learning to communicate more effectively."

John Gray, Ph.D., author of the Mars/Venus books

"This book offers anyone seeking a healthy relationship words of hope and wisdom. It is a wonderful guide to learning how to be a good partner and how to recognize who might be appropriate for you."

Caroline Myss, Ph.D., author of Anatomy of the Spirit

"Through devastating honesty and open hearts, the Moseleys present very powerful, penetrating, and personal material that will help couples commit more deeply to each other and develop more fulfilling relationships."

Brugh Joy, M.D., author of Joy's Way and Avalanche.

"With incredible clarity, uncompromising truth, and rare refreshing wisdom, the Moseleys have written a life-changing book that will help create profoundly intimate relationships."

Krysta Kavenaugh, editor of Marriage Magazine

"It becomes very clear when you read this book that Douglas and Naomi Moseley know a lot about relationships. I was very impressed by the depth of knowledge, the down-to-earth practicality and the astute approach taken in this book."

Pat Love, Ed.D., author of Hot Monogamy

"This is a much needed book that will surely help build a better foundation the second time around."

Gerald Jampolsky, M.D. author of Love Is Letting Go Of Fear


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