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Q. What types of people are attracted to your approach?

We attract individuals and couples who have tried a wide range of therapies and are ready to go deeper than they have before. We also attract mature individuals who haven't done any therapeutic work but are determined to take on inner exploration and don't want to waste time. Not infrequently, these individuals are being propelled by a crisis in their relationship or in their personal sense of well-being.

We attract individuals (and couples) who have enough ego-strength to be able to incorporate their shadow aspects; that is, they are ready to take more responsibility for who they are and what they contribute to their intimate relationships.

We attract individuals who have a good cognitive understanding of who they are but find they have difficulty tapping into their deeper feelings. We specialize in working with people who, even though they may be successful in their outer world, have a desire to explore their inner lives in ways they haven't before.

We attract individuals of all age groups (thirties to fifties mainly, but a fair number outside of those ranges) and in all economic brackets. We work with couples at every stage, from those in the early commitment phase to veterans of forty-year marriage. We work with individuals who are not getting enough of what they want out of their personal lives. Some individuals who come to us aren't currently in a relationship and want to be. Some individuals have been in too many relationships and want to learn how to keep one going. Many people are in a crisis of sorts, and a few very wise souls are taking on some training while their personal lives and relationships are in top condition, because they have a sense of what it takes to keep it that way.