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Q. Can you recommend a therapist who does your type of work but who lives closer to us?

Most people who ask this question are looking for local therapists - hoping to spare themselves the effort and expense of taking a full week away from regular activities plus the travel costs that go with it. Since it is likely that most local therapists work in the hourly session format, that question is a bit like asking whether you can get the same experience from a teacher who will see you once a week for an hour as from a teachers who live with you for a week in one of the most stimulating and challenging environments you will ever experience. We realize, of course, that many excellent psychotherapists are in practice across the continent but the truth is there are things you can do in a retreat format that you can't do in the more traditional settings. We also have an orientation towards feelings-training that is very effective but not easily accomplished in office settings. [See Group Work page for a more complete discussion of the merits of each approach.]

We also believe that part of the power of our work comes from the two of us working together as a husband/wife team. Having both the masculine and feminine viewpoints available at all times from the leaders in a group therapeutic process is a rare luxury in the personal growth field, and is not something that can be easily found. Naomi is one of the most skilled teachers of the emotional body available today; she can help anybody get down to their emotions. But without Doug right there to bring forward the mental/rational aspects at any given moment, she wouldn't be able to go as far with people as she does. There is a fair sampling of larger group, week-end events run by couples but not many settings where you can really dig in for a week of intense personalized exploration with a husband/wife team.