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Q. As an individual [a couple] coming to your groups, wouldn't I be somewhat out of place with couples (individuals)?

No, not at all. Most of our groups include individuals and couples, and we find that it works very well that way. Individuals get to learn more about couples' issues than they normally would. It can also be a real advantage for couples as well and here's the reason why. Couples' growth work essentially has two components: there's the personal exploration that each individual has to do as part of his or her own personal evolution, and then there is the relating skills part that both partners have to learn together. In most couples-only groups the tendency is to focus primarily on the relating skills part. In our groups, because individual's issues get attention by the nature of the group (and because Naomi and I have strong skills in both areas), there is a lot more opportunity for both types of exploration.

Early in the year, we traditionally run a couples-only group, but even in those groups we sometimes include an individual who has a strong need to focus on his or her intimate life at the time we are running the group. You might also note that unlike many therapy groups, we consistently have a balance between genders - in fact we frequently attract more men than women.